Every Day is Take Back Day!

The Community Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Morris applauds Morris County Law Enforcement for providing our citizens with a safe place to dispose of unwanted or expired Rx and OTC drugs EVERY DAY in MORRIS COUNTY! For Drop Box Locations Click Here

Our New Website

Community Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Morris (CCSHM), led by Morris County Prevention is Key (MCPIK), created a new website.

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Mission Statement

Prevention is Key is dedicated to the promotion of health and well being of our community, prevention substance abuse, addiction, violence and related issues through heightened awareness, advocacy, education, programs, services, information and referrals.

Morris County Prevention is Key Inc. (MCPIK) is a private, non-profit, community based health organization serving Morris County by providing science-based prevention education programs, professional development training, advocacy, information and referral services, that address issues of substance abuse prevention, recovery support, violence prevention, ATOD dependence and other emerging issues of concern to the community.


Prevention Perspectives

OUTCOMES ARE EVERYTHING... At this time when the challenges of substance abuse are growing and the resources to combat them scarce and shrinking, it is incumbent upon those of us in the "Prevention Biz" to answer the gut-check question... "is this program about feeling good or does it actually work?" Are we really addressing the problems and having measurable outcomes or are we just "dressing the pig in a party dress" and calling it a prom? Okay, harsh analoy perhaps, but the time for what I call "plastic banna, feel good prevention" is over. There is too much at stake in keeping our kids safe and too little in the way of available resources, both human and fiscal, to waste on anything that only "looks good".

I'll probably catch a ton of heat for this article but I'm still willing to stretch my neck out and call it the way I see it because what I do every day is deadly serious. Call me idealistic and out of touch, but I actually care about the people I serve. I don't just run a non-profit agency; I save lives, plain and simple. Yes, when young people are given the tools they need to be successful and make better choices, when they are given positive role models and mentors and when they are supported and engaged by caring adults in programs starting at the earliest ages, lives are saved

It is the conundrum of prevention that it’s so hard to measure something that doesn’t happen, as when an adolescent doesn’ t become addicted, or chooses not to experiment with drugs. However, it is rather easy to measure the cost of addiction, treatment and resultant societal wreckage that ensues when we fail. Likewise, it is also easy to measure the vast sums of money tossed at the problem under the guise of “at least we did something”. These efforts fall largely into the category of preaching to the choir, lacking scientific credibility, measurable outcomes and do little more than make some adults feel better about a difficult problem. Making a real difference in the lives of at-risk youth isn’t easy and is definitely not work for the “well intentioned” or faint of heart.

As credentialed professionals, we owe it to the communities we serve to stand up and answer the hard questions, make the tough decisions and at the end of the day be answerable for the outcomes of the programs we implement. Lives hang in the balance because outcomes are everything.

Christopher Goeke Executive Director