Smoke Signals


Tobacco Education Programs are available for all audiences from elementary grades to senior citizens. Dangers of Second Hand Smoke, Tobacco and Dip are all covered in an interactive and fun way which engages all learning styles and leaves audiences moved to action. New for 07-08 are Mr. Dip Lip and the Smokers Lungs which help participants to clearly understand the extreme dangers associated with tobacco use.  These programs are aligned with several of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education covering  the strand indicators for wellness, integrated skills and drugs and medicine standards.


Target Audience:   All Ages     

Number of Sessions:    1 - 2 

Fee: Grant Funded




ATOD Focus on Prevention (formerly the Party Drugs initiative) is an integral part of the Community Resource Center of Prevention Is Key. Through collaboarative educational events, advocacy and community programs we act to raise awareness of the dangers of current substance abuse threats and provide the resources to help keep Morris County familes safe and healthy.

Working with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), New Jersey National Guard, and New Jersey State Police, and with funding provided by the New Jersey Department of Human Services—Division of Addiction Services, Prevention Is Key has been conducting local community awareness alerts, education workshops, conferences and high school programs throughout the county.

Additionally, Prevention Is Key as an NJPN affiliate has available a curriculum addressing party drugs and another addressing heroin, both designed for use with parents, students, community leaders, police and other community organizations including hospital and other health care personnel.

The goal of this ongoing program is to stop the escalation of party drug use, alert parents to the deadly facts surrounding these drugs currently being presented as “safe,” and continue informing those that need to know of new drugs beginning to enter the community.