Strydes (New Program)



Strenthening Families


Strengthening Families Programs have been enriching the lives of families across America since 1986 and are aimed at parents and/or caregivers and their youth. The programs are designed to help parents and caregivers build on their strengths in showing love, setting limits, helping youth develop skills in handling peer pressure, building a positive future and ultimately helping families grow together.

Each week the program starts with a free communal dinner before the evening session and includes on-site childcare for any younger siblings. Families meet together once a week for two 1 hour skill building sessions. During the first hour of each week, parents and youth meet separately with facilitators to work on specific skills and then they rejoin for the second hour for fun family activities.

Parents and caregivers who have graduated from the program have said:

· “It was fun and moved along quickly.”

· “I liked listening to what has worked with other families.”

· “Outstanding! Has been very helpful to us as a family unit.”

Kids have said:

· “I didn’t realize how much my mom cared about me.”

· “I learned that my parents are fun to be with.”

· “I learned to respect my parents and realize money doesn’t grow on trees.”

· “I learned what to say if someone is trying to get you in trouble.”


Target Audience:

SFP 3-5 Families w/ children aged 3 to 5

 SFP 6-11 Families w/ children aged 6 to 11

 SFP 11-14 Families w/ children aged 11 to 14

 SFP 14-17 Families w/ children ages 14 to 17

Number of Sessions: 14– SFP 3-5, 6-11,14-17  or   7—SFP 10-14

Fee: Grant Funded


Active Parenting


Active Parenting of Teens (English and Spanish)

Active Parenting of Teens is an Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) Model Program and on NREPP   that helps parents meets the challenges of parenting teens and preteens in two three session mini-courses. Parents will learn the skills they need to communicate effectively with their teens, encourage better behavior, use positive discipline techniques, and teach responsibility including: How to talk with your adolescent about violence, sex, alcohol and other drugs; Solving problems together; Reinforcing your adolescent ’s courage and inner strength; Building your adolescent’s sense of responsibility; Communicating effectively and gaining respectful behavior from your adolescent; and How to discipline adolescents. Parents who complete five of the six sessions offered will be considered to have completed Active Parenting of Teens. 


Target Audience: Parents of teens ages 13-19     

Number of Sessions:   6

Fee: Provided free through the Strydes Program




Parenting Wisely


Parenting Wisely is an interactive CD-ROM program designed for parents of adolescents and pre-adolescents (ages 8-18). Parenting Wisely requires parents to have neither previous computer experience nor the ability to read (the computer reads all text aloud). Parenting Wisely has been the subject of many research studies by it's creator, Dr. Donald A. Gordon, and also by independent researchers. Strong empirical evidence exists that using Parenting Wisely reduces child behavior problems, delinquency and substance abuse among adolescents, improves parenting knowledge and skills, and strengthens the relationship between adolescent and parent.

Parenting Wisely has been designated an Exemplary Model Program by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA) and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention(CSAP).


Target Audience:  Ages 8-18    

Number of Sessions:   Self directed at participants own pace

Fee: Call for Quote