Our Vision

Prevent and reduce youth substance use and abuse in the Pequannock Twp. community through collaboration, education and community-wide change.

The primary purpose of the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Program is to strengthen collaboration among community entities and reduce substance use amoung youth.

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1. Implement Environmental Strategies to produce community-wide change

  • This is based on the belief that substance
  • abuse is a product of multiple environmental
  • conditions and circumstances.


2. Focus on the DFC 4 Core Measures

  • 30 day use
  • Perception of peer disapproval
  • Perception of parental disapproval
  • Perception of risk


3. Recruit coalition members from the 12 sectors of the community

  • Youth
  • Parent
  • Religious
  • Business
  • Media
  • School
  • Law enforcement
  • Civic/volunteer
  • Healthcare professionals
  • State, local, tribal
  • Youth-serving
  • Other